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How to bring a little flower joy into your life


What is a CSA?


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The way a CSA works is that the customer joins in winter/early spring before the season starts. Their payment helps the farm to purchase seeds, soil, compost as well as other supplies that are needed to make the garden successful. In return for their ‘investment’, the member then is able to reap the bounty of the garden! 


If you would like to bring weekly flowers into your life, join our CSA! For $150, you will get a fresh bouquet each Wednesday for 10 weeks starting in late June (exact date TBD based on the weather and when we can get plants in the ground). By joining the CSA you will be supporting community agriculture and small scale farming. And you will be part of something beautiful! Space is limited. If you are interested, send an email to


to order

If you have an event coming up, if you would like to bring flowers to someone special, or you would just like to bring a little happy into your life, send an email to and we would be more than happy to make you a custom bouquet!


Local retailers

In season, you can find Joy Farm flowers at the following locations:


Bolton Bean

Nan's Market

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