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Hi there! My name is Kathy Romeo and I love flowers. I truly can’t get over their beauty. And I cannot contain my excitement when I watch the little tiny seeds that I put in the soil sprout up their beautiful green shoots and morph into all different sizes, colors, and textures! It amazes me every.single.year. Over the years I have tried growing a variety of flowers, and each year that number has grown. A few years ago, I wanted to try so many different flowers, I knew I needed to start sharing the joy with more people in my community. I decided to try a small CSA. Lucky for me, we were in the middle of a pandemic and my husband and four teen/tween daughters were home full time with me and happily helped me sow, plant, weed, mulch… (can you sense my sarcasm?). Even though they were not always excited about my requests for help, they were very supportive of my crazy flower passion and I could never have pulled off all the work that went into that year without them. They are my biggest supporters and I am so grateful that they are on my team. 


The ability to be home that year, tend to my garden, watch things grow and see the absolute JOY that the flowers gave to my friends each week when they picked up their bouquets was nothing short of amazing and it made me want to do it again and again. So here I am with even BIGGER flower dreams. If you pick up a bouquet, I hope that you feel all of the love that went into it and that the flowers bring you as much joy as they do to me! If that happens, I will consider Joy Farm a success!

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