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Mary's Flower Fairies

The goal of Joy Farm has always been to share the joy of flowers with others. When Joy Farm began, I knew that I wanted to do good with the flowers. I just wasn't quite sure what that would look like, but Mary helped to figure that out.


One of the first weeks of the first season I called Mary asking if she knew anyone who could use a pick me up as I had extra flowers. I chose to call Mary because she knows pretty much everyone. No lie. One of Mary's jobs is to call everyone in town over 75 on their birthday. Because of this, she knows what's happening in peoples lives- who is in the hospital, who has lost a loved one, is sick, had surgery, had a baby... and Mary is also ALWAYS thinking of these people. She leaves coupons in their mailboxes, picks things up at yard sales for them, brings them food, helps them find things they are looking for- you name it. So when I wanted to know who could use some flower cheer, I knew Mary was the perfect person to ask.

Mary picked up my flowers, made little bouquets, wrapped them in newspaper and drove around town dropping them off at carefully selected houses. And I thought that was awesome. So we kept doing it. Each Friday, she came over in her Subaru, loaded it up with buckets of flowers and did her thing. It was amazing.

Mary has had to slow down a bit over the last couple of years, so each year we now recruit some helpers. We call them Mary's flower fairies. We even made t-shirts. They bring her the buckets of flowers, help her make bouquets in her little garage and then take her hand written list of addresses and head out to make special deliveries. 

There is literally NOTHING else better than this.Truly. And I cannot believe that I get to be part of it. So so grateful.

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